Honda CBR 300 Air Filters




Honda CBR 300 Air Filter

Honda CBR 300 air filter technology reduces throttle lag while increasing throttle response and improving torque through every range. Our Honda CBR 300 air filters eliminate restriction allowing the engine to breathe better and create more power. More air enters the Honda CBR 300 combustion chamber at a higher velocity, packing a bigger punch for every intake and power stroke.

The Honda CBR 300 air filter system is specially designed, our open matrix materials allow higher air flow than compressed paper and foam elements.The High Performance Honda CBR 300 air filter gives noticeable improvement in performance from bottom, mid to top end. The moment you release the clutch you'll be able to feel substantial torque increase and quicker RPM climbing speed.

Honda CBR 300 performance will be more powerful no matter what part of the powerband you are in. Our High Flow Performance Honda CBR 300 air filters give extra acceleration and power when you need it the most with instantaneous acceleration and a smoother powerband for your Honda CBR 300.

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Honda CBR 300 Air Filters

High Performance Air Filter Racing  designed for the Honda Honda CBR 300 are unique designs unlike any other air filter on the market for true racing modifications. Our High Performance racing air filters utilize 3 layers of filtration in an open matrix design. The filtration volume ofour performance air filters have up to 10 times the filtration area of any other brand. Our Patent Pending design allows maximum airflow without using restriction robbing compressed elements. Air passes through at a higher rate, but at the same time filters particulate matter by extending the length of time air contacts the matrix.

Honda CBR 300 Air Box Modifications

The Honda CBR 300 airbox is tuned for efficient airflow. Many people try to modify the airbox by taking out the rubber intake tract or cutting it, but chances are that these modifications are actually detrimental to performance and actual slow the Honda CBR 300 down. By making these types of modifications turbulence can actually be introduced into the intake tract resulting in poor performance of the Honda CBR 300. A motorcycles airbox is tuned and the volume and intake port are both tuned to coincde with each other and have a tuning frequency. By performing untested tuning by cutting or removing parts of the intake system, results can a mistuned airbox which will decrease the performance of the Honda CBR 300... LOUDER DOES NOT NECCESARILY MEAN FASTER !