Honda CBR 300 Levers



Honda CBR 300 Levers

Honda CBR 300 Adjustable Levers

Honda CBR 300 levers for better control can improve riding skills. A quality set of Honda CBR 300 levers will give better leverage and control when pulling in the clutch or front brake of your Honda CBR 300, levers which are adjustable can be tailor set to match your hands, draw strength and grip. A big improvement over the original Honda CBR 300 levers, our racing levers for the Honda CBR 300 give you a tailor made riding experience.

modified cbr 300f,150,300

Honda CBR 300 levers are made out of high quality aircraft aluminum and come in many different anodized colors to chose from to match your bike.We offer full length levers for the Honda CBR 300 or shorty style levers requiring only a couple of fingers to squeeze for faster operation. Our Honda CBR 300 levers are not only race proven, they also look awesome !

cbr 300 adjustable red levers

Improve the response of your Honda CBR 300 with these shorty adjustable levers. These levers are 5 way adjustable and can be set for the length of your fingers.

With adjustable levers made for the Honda CBR 300 your shifts will be faster and the pull will be easier. Adjusatble levers usually come in two adjustment types. With a dial or with a small lever. Adjustable levers for the Honda CBR 300 are easier to adjust on the fly while riding or when stopped at a stoplight. Levers that use a dial to adjust the pull are harder to turn especially when wearing gloves.

adjutable black levers for cbr 300
adjustable cbr 300 levers in gold

If you look at the adjustable lever to the left that is made for the Honda CBR 300 you will see a small black arm. This is the adjustment arm and is easily moved in whichever position you desire. It can be easily moved while wearing gloves and can be adjusted while riding very easily.