Honda CBR 300 Seats



Honda CBR 300 Seats

modified cbr 300f,150,300


Honda CBR 300 Front & Rear Seats

Honda CBR 300 seats are more comfortable than the original seats and offer better control of the Honda CBR 300 depending on which model is installed.

Honda CBR 300 seats have been designed to accomodate either shorter or taller riders who seek a better riding position and ergonomics to have better control over the Honda CBR 300.

Honda CBR 300 touring seats have been designed for long tours when hours of riding are required for long distances. Our Honda CBR 300 seats will give you better comfort on longer rides and help to alleviate pain associated with the original seat.

Made of quality leather and high grade foams our seat designs will help alleviate pain from long rides and help to improve mobility while riding the Honda CBR 300.