Honda CBR 300 Slip On Mufflers



Designed to develop the most power possible, our Honda CBR 300 slip on mufflers offer a weight savings of over 75% compared to the stock muffler and give a boost performance. Our Honda CBR 300 slip on mufflers are specifically made just for the Honda CBR 300. Most slip on mufflers available on the market today are simply a universal exterior housing with a tube running through the center. The slip on mufflers here have been designed especially for the Honda CBR300R to extract as much power as possible.


Honda CBR300R SLIP On Mufflers


akrapovic carbon fiber slip on muffler for cbr300r

CBR300R Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Slip On Muffler







yoshimura r77 exhaust system cbr300r

CBR300R Yoshimura R77 Stainless Full Exhaust System





yoshimura r77 carbon fiber full exhaust system

CBR300R Yoshimura R77 Carbon Fiber FULL Exhaust System








The slip on mufflers designed for the Honda CBR 300 increases top speed, while also improving bottom end torque with smooth transitions to mid and top end without any hesitation through any parts of the powerband. Our Honda CBR 300 slip on muffler have been developed through years of racing experience our slip on mufflers are a culmination of everything learned through the years. Engineering teams have developed all designs and testing at the track, and test performance both on the street, track and dyno to achieve real world results.

Honda CBR 300 Slip On Mufflers

Honda CBR 300 slip on mufflers for the Honda CBR have been rigorously tested to achieve maximum performance for the entire CBR line up. Our expert designed slip on mufflers are high performance delivering power from top to bottom. Made from thicker than average stainless steel, our slip on mufflers are designed to be durable and last. The materials used in our CBR300 slip on mufflers withstand high heat and vibration for endurance and longevity, exhaust resonance is greatly reduced giving higher output with a smooth, tough sounding exhaust note.